Dirk Gently

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Series “Dirk Gently” is about eccentric but still charming detective. He seems quite strange because of his holistic principles during investigations. He is totally for the interconnection and integrity of all the thing, both material and non-material, in the Universe. In practice, it looks quite odd, though the protagonist has never doubted in his ideas. All that can be found withing the radius of his vision, is definitely interrelated, and the connection is only to be found. Old Ruth addressed him and asked to find his cat Henry. Her pet has disappeared recently, and she feels depressed and dissatisfied. In the old lady’s fireplace “Dirk Gently” and his assistant find a strange device and the detective searches for a connection of lost animal, this device and millioner’s murder. He can not reasonably prove his opinion, though he feels that it is right. Plot of the series is quite intricate but still nail-biting and intriguing.